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Additional audio samples from Railroad Recording Company are available on request, just get in touch.

Legendary Canadian new-wave synth pop band Rational Youth (Tracey Howe, and Gaenor Howe) are set to release several new tracks this year, which were mixed and mastered at Railroad Recording Company.

Latin LoversRational Youth
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Rick Ventrella is a local singer-songwriter who had been working on his original songs for decades in between shifts in his cement truck. Rick came to us with lyrics and acoustic guitar parts for 9 songs.  We put together a full band for him with drums, bass, keys, guitar, and more, and recorded his first full length album "Chapter 6" (now streaming on Apple Music and Spotify). Here is a sample of the finished album.

Leave Your Light On Rick Ventrella
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This radio interview, originally recorded to cassette tape in 1975, was in rough shape due to its age. After  cleaning it up, enhancing the audio, and remastering, this recording is ready to be enjoyed for years to come in its new digital format. The clip below shows the BEFORE and AFTER enhancement and cleanup.

Bob Gideon Interview transferred from cassette tape
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Music video filmed and edited by Railroad Recording Company

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