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Railroad Recording Company is a fully equipped professional recording studio. Services include recording, editing, mixing, mastering, production, songwriting, video, live sound. 

Studio Rates

Hourly - $65

For small projects, editing, mixing, mastering.

Half Day - $225

Includes 4.5 hours of studio time.

Full Day - $375

Includes 9 hours of studio time.

Weekend - $850

Includes 22.5 hours of studio time: 4.5 hours on Friday, and 9 hours each Sat/Sun.

Week - $1500

Includes 40.5 hours in the studio, with 9 hours each day Mon-Thurs, and 4.5hrs Friday.

*All rates include taxes

*All rates include engineer 

*Time includes set up, tear down, and lunch break.

*deposit is required, and will only be refunded if the session is canceled more that 7-days in advance, or rescheduled with more than 72 hours notice.

VIDEO Packages

Music Video - $500

This includes 5 hours of filming time, and the editing of your video. 

Live off the Floor - $500

Audio & Video

This includes 5 hours of recording/filming in the studio, and mixing/editing of the audio, and video.   


RRC is fully equipped for any event, from bands, to meetings, or community events. Rates will depend on the location/duration/type of event, so please get in touch for a quote. 

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Cheques, e-transfers

All major credit and debit cards(+processing fees)

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